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Collection of tools available in NRenoiseTools

The following tools are avaiable in NRenoiseTools:

Xrns2Midi Converter

The Xrns2Midi from NRenoiseTools is supporting basic conversion of XRNS to Midi files:
  • Multitrack midi file generated
  • Support for patch changing, when using a Midi Instrument : this enables to create standard GeneralMidi music in Renoise and convert them to midi easily.
  • Supports for tempos
The GUI takes only an XRNS file in input :


Xrns2Xrni Extractor

The Xrns2Xrni extracts all instruments declared in a XRNS and save them in individuals XRNI files.
Xrns2Xrni provides a simple GUI :


And allow the usage of command line :
Xrns2Xrni mysong1.xrns mysong2.xrns

Files are generated with the name of the song InstrXX Name of the instrument (in ()).xrni in the same directory of the xrns.

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