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Project Description

NRenoiseTools provides a .NET collection of tools to easily manipulate XRNS Renoise Song and XRNI Renoise Instrument File Formats. Renoise is the most versatile sound tracker available on several platforms.
This project is composed of :
  • A Common library NRenoiseTools that contains almost everything to easily manipulate XRNS and XRNI files in any .NET Languages
  • A collection of tools to convert, extract Xrns / Xrni Renoise files. Currently, NRenoiseTools supports the following tools (if you want to add your own tools, let me know)
    • A Xrns2Midi converter able to convert a XRNS song to a Midi AMF 1/2 File format.
    • A Xrns2Xrni extractor able to extract all the instruments from a song and save them to independent XRNI files.
  • The XsdRenoiseParser specially developed to build an optimized XSD based on the original XSD Renoise Model files (RenoiseSong, RenoiseInstrument, RenoiseDeviceChain).


12 sep 2010, NRenoiseTools 2.5 is released. This version just updated with Renoise 2.5.0 model.
15 jan 2009, NRenoiseTools 1.1 is released. This version is just updated with the new Renoise 2.0.0 model
24 sep 2008, NRenoiseTools 1.0.1 is released. This is a minor revision adding a couple of features and a bit of internal refactoring.
18 sep 2008, NRenoiseTools 1.0 is released. This version is compatible with the Renoise 1.9.1 xsd model.


  • Supports for multiple platforms : NRenoiseTools can be used on Windows, but also on Linux or Mac (using the Mono project)
  • An optimized Renoise model extracted from Renoise XSD Files. The generated model in NRenoiseTools is 10 times smaller than the original XSD model from Renoise.
    • Original Renoise Model is slightly extended while still being compatible to provide additional inheritance between XML schema complex types.
    • With the use of partial class feature on C# language, Renoise Model is extended with additional methods to facilitate its use.
  • Use of builtins pre-generated Xml serializers-deserializers for faster loading/saving of Renoise files.
  • Easily manipulates Renoise Songs and Renoise Instruments : Load and Save on Song and instruments.
  • A SongIterator to easily iterate in a Song (on Patterns, Tracks, Notes, Effects…Etc) and facilitate the conversion process of a RenoiseSong.
  • A Windows Installer is available for end users to facilitate installation of the tools. Check the Release page.


  • Any OS supporting .NET Platform : Windows and Linux/Mac (Mono)
  • For this, you need a .NET Runtime :

Future Plans

You are welcome to vote for the following features (or any new features) or even contribute to one of them if you have a good experience in C# and in the following domains:
  • Improve the Xrns2Midi converter (support for xml, panning of notes…etc.)
  • Add methods on the model to easily Add/Remove Patterns, Tracks, Notes, Effects..etc.
  • Add other useful tools (XM converter… etc.)

For additionnal documentation

Just follow the links:


NRenoiseTools wouldn't have been possible without these additional libraries:
  • NAudio, a general purpose Audio library for .Net. This library is used for in the Xrns2Midi converter.
  • SharpZipLib for handling Zip file in .Net.


Go to NRenoiseTools to have more information. Leave a message in the discussion tab.
Contact author: alexandre_mutel <at> yahoo <dot> fr
Contact on Renoise Forum: alx
Blog : Code4k

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